Multiple Assessments within Rise

Hello Heroes,

I'm a newbie to Rise and have a pickle related to Rise and would love your feedback and assistance.

I have a customer who would like to have two assessments within a single Rise Scorm course.

The expected behaviour in the user experience is: 

  • The learner has one attempt to complete a pre-assessment.
    • If they pass, they can complete and exit the module.
    • If they fail, the pre-assessment is no longer accessible and the learner is required to continue on and complete the course topics before completing a final assessment at the end.

Can anyone please confirm if this functionality is possible in Rise 360?

Thank you in advance.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Wayne. Currently, you can track your Rise 360 courses by a single quiz, by a completed Storyline block, or by the percentage of the course that's complete. There isn't a pretest function right now. 

We're tracking requests for this, and I'll tag this discussion to be included in any updates that will help!

Wayne Ross

Hi Crystal,
Thank you for the update and providing this information.

In regards to adding a Storyline block, could we add two Storyline blocks for the pre-quiz and post quiz (at the end), so that say if the single prequiz is passed then the next action can be to close and exit the course sending the completion results.
And / or if they fail the first Storyline block quiz, then they continue until the second Storyline block quiz?
Could this potentially work?