Multiple captions available?

Hi, Currently, we don’t have a translate or language preference., though—  in current content, we have at least three languages that people can access. for text to speech independently, Or we sent for translation and build, depending on content and keyboard requirements  

Is there functionality to translate for notes or other methods at some point that we can have additional languages in the course to select for the notes or captions? For example, we have French and Arabic, and soon,  Spanish.  Currently,  we have to build course for translation, and for other languages, ie Arabic, that may be challenging as sentence structure is set to right to left?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, There!

While you can translate your Rise 360 course to other languages, it's not possible to display multiple languages in one course. I would recommend creating a separate course for each language.

Also, right-to-left languages aren't supported in Rise 360, but thanks for letting us know your need for that!