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Crystal Horn

Hi, Ina!  Here's how you can have learners exit your Rise course

Buttons can either link to a web page, link to another lesson, or exit the course.  You'll want to consider adding a button to link to the desired URL, and then another option for exiting the course.

Building on your other discussion, is this your idea for learners who need to contact the admin and exit the course so it can be reset after the quiz attempts?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ina,

Thanks for popping back in to update us with the responses to Crystal's questions.

That certainly is helpful.

I know that the ability to e-mail from within a Rise course has been a popular feature request, but not one that is available at this time.

You'd want to follow the advice of Crystal above with the use of your buttons and I know you mentioned earlier that there could be a website to contact an admin, so you may want to link to that in the meantime.