My LMS will not accept a RISE course

I was unable to upload my Rise Course.  It was in a Zip package. I used Scorn 1.2 This is the error message I received:

 File type is not allowed:


My LMS provider sent this message when I notified them.  "When creating the file make sure your SCORM packages do NOT include project files, temp files, backup files, etc., or anything else that is not specifically required/used by the web browser to play the e-Learning course".  


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Mike DiFonzo

I would check the file name where you uploaded the image in Rise. Someone might have incorrectly named the original file. You can also look in your SCORM zipped file. It's  in the folder: scormcontent > assests.

I may be wrong but it seems odd someone would include the file type extension (jpg) in the name (intro-jpg) versus (intro). 

Nicole Legault

Hey there Carolyn, 

Sorry to hear you've run into this! Please check out this article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud. The steps here may be helpful for you to identify if the problem is with your LMS or with Rise's SCORM output. If the problem is with Rise's SCORM output, please submit a support case here. Thank you!