Jul 22, 2020

I'm new to Rise and have a question.  My course includes Learning Objectives/Lessons/Knowledge Checks/Quizzes.  Here's my question, when I'm previewing my course, what could be causing the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen to be listing the next lesson incorrectly?




For instance the when the next lesson is Lesson 1: A Brief History, the navigation at the bottom of the screen say Lesson 2-Lesson 1: A Brief History.

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Karl Muller

Hi James.

Rise is automatically adding this part:

Lesson 2-Lesson 1: A Brief History.

Rise automatically numbers each Lesson in the Course, and it can't be turned off.

We have "Lessons" that provide information about the course, but Rise still includes them in the Lesson count. It seems you are doing the same, and then the Lesson numbering gets out of synch.

We have changed the labels, so using your example it now says:

Item 1-Introduction to the Course

Item 2-Lesson 1: A Brief History.

Item 3-Lesson 2: 

Still clunky but a bit better.

You can completely the word in the labels that says Lesson/Item, but you are stuck with the numbers.

1-Introduction to the Course

2-Lesson 1: A Brief History.

3-Lesson 2: 

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