Navigation and Branches in Rise

I have a branching scenario in my rise module which people do not necessarily have to view all of the pieces, however, I do want them to view all of the other parts of the module. Is there a way that you can allow some pieces to be skipped but have the navigation locked? 

Ie. People must view the main topics (A & B) but not necessarily view (A1 or A2)

Topic A

Topic A1

Topic A2

Topic B


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Katie Riggio

Hey, Lesley. Great question!

While branching is not yet a feature of Rise, we are tracking requests for this ability. I'll tag this conversation to the request's report so that we can keep you in the loop with any updates! The What's New, What's Next and Rise Version History pages are other great places to follow. We post upcoming and already released features there, too! 🎁

I do have a few suggestions for you, though! Check out the designs in these similar discussions:

Hope that helps, and thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!