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Jan 25, 2022


I have a Rise 360 course with multiple lessons and a quiz assessment at the end.  My quiz is set to retry once only so after the second attempt, the user should restart the course. 

The issue is that with the sidebar closed and Previous/Next buttons set to On, the user can simply navigate back to restart the quiz without restarting the course.  Switching the Previous/Next buttons to Off means that once the quiz is complete, there is literally nowhere for the user to go, so they become stuck.  Unfortunately, because this is a quiz, there is no option to add a block at the end to put a button in to move to the next lesson.

Any suggestions to get around this please?


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Andrew Longson
Unfortunately, as mentioned, this will only work if you have the Previous/Next buttons set to On but then a user can use the Previous option to immediately return to a quiz and have two free attempts without restarting the course.  If you switch the Previous/Next button to Off, this works perfectly for the quiz (x2 attempts only) but then once the quiz is complete, you are stuck with nowhere to navigate to.  A possible solution is to run the quiz in a Storyline block and this means the 'Exit' block can be placed underneath (not ideal).
Lea Agato

Hi Andrew, thanks for sharing your screenshot. It looks like you have the 'Require Passing Score To Continue' setting switched off and Quiz Retries = 1 so your quiz settings appear to be in order. 

I tested a course with the following details:

  • Previous/Next buttons set to On 
  • Sidebar closed
  • A lesson added after the final quiz

When I navigate back to the quiz, it does not allow me to attempt the quiz again. If this isn't what's happening in your course, please open a support case using this link, and we'll troubleshoot your issue further. Thanks!


Andrew Longson

Hi Lea

Bizarrely, when I test this now, I'm getting the same as you. Whichever way I try to navigate back to the quiz, it immediately just shows the last result which is correct (no option to retry).

It could be that I'm looking at the wrong course, so I will keep an eye on this to see if I can spot where the issue was.

Thank you.


Andrew Longson

Hi Lea

I think I have found a scenario where a user can get multiple retries of a quiz.  The quiz in this scenario is within a Storyline block and is set to one retry only.  The sidebar is closed and the Previous/Next buttons are set to off.  As it's a SL block I'm able to add an additional block/lesson to end the course.  However, if after two failed attempts, the user discovers that they can open the sidebar, they can simply navigate backwards slightly and then get two free tries of the quiz.

I work in a regulated environment and if this is discovered, we wouldn't be allowed to use this method.

FYI - the reason for using a Storyline block is because Rise doesn't have the ability for a question bank.

Any suggestions or have I exhausted everything now.


P.S.  Please, please can we get question banks into Rise? So many are crying out for this.