Need expert help, out of ideas

Nov 21, 2017

hey folks,

Stuck in a troublesome situation with our LMS and managing content access. Looking for ideas and I'll post my tested solutions.

Need: To limit access to a set of modules. The LMS currently does not have this functionality and even if a set of courses are put in a "program", the users can get at the courses individually. So I need to put a block at the start of every module that requires a text entry (i.e. a password).

The only fix I can think of is to put a password on the front of every module. Now I can do this using a storyline block, and putting it as the first part of a rise module. Problem is that you cannot stop the user from progressing based upon a storyline block. I can't think of any other way to stop a user from clicking that continue button without entering a password.

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James Lavis

I know storyline can do it, but as a department I've looked to migrate away from SL as much as possible. I still use it for blocks, but the style of SL is fading across our business. Think it has been 10 years of brutal elearning that Rise has renewed interest.

The solution I tried above regarding the quiz actually works BUT even if you fail, you can still progress. That's something upon discovering that I think Articulate should fix.  As a behavioralist, I never let people pass if I cannot confirm the knowledge is in place. That failure will snowball.

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