Need help with free-text answers on Rise 360 or Storyline 360

Hi Team,

I've run into an issue and hope you could help me.

Situation: I've an e-learning course which works in a journalling format (i.e.) watch a video, and write down what you observed.

There is no right or wrong answer. Through this course, we are encouraging users to pen their thoughts which they could revisit and modify if need be.


1. The course has been built using Rise 360. As this tool doesn't have an option for "free text" question, I've integrated "Jotforms" (using embed) into the course.

2. With Jotform, I am able to capture user response, but cannot present it back to the user during their subsequent logins.

3. I tried using Storyline but it wouldn't pass the response to LMS.


What I would like to have is an ability for user to submit an answer which can be accessed backend plus the users when they login to the course next time.

Any suggestions? Happy to clarify if there are any questions.


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