Need LMS Recommendation

I'm building courses in Rise for users of our software - individual customers but also corporate customers who want their employees trained.  I have 3 requests for an LMS.

1. Cost can't be per user/month. We want to give our customers lifetime free access to our courses. 

2. LMS must require customers to log in and set up a profile.

3. LMS must be able to track progress and give us reports. We need to be able to report back to corporate customers engagements of its employees.

Thanks. I've spent hours looking for the right solution. I've found some great ones but they charge per user/month. That doesn't work if we want to give users free lifetime access. 

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Stan Dormer

Hi Joe,

Most of the user per month priced LMS solutions incorporate cloud based platform hosting of the learning content, so the charges are typically based around the number of active users as this relates to the bandwidth that has to be supplied to host that number of co-active users. 

If you are prepared to provide the hosting platform then you could host a website using WordPress with a LearnDash Plugin, and this when supported with additional LearnDash compatible components would give you what you are looking for, an active LMS under your own control with no per user overheads. The current pricing of LearnDash and other information you will need you will find here

Whilst you will find the pricing super low cost, you will need to keep a couple of things in mind:

  1. If you have hundreds of co-active users you will need some heavy horsepower on your self-hosted site in order for response times to be acceptable to users; and
  2. You will have to set up WordPress with the LearnDash plugin and other plugins to give you the functionality you are looking for user-profiles, dashboards, tracking and reporting and other stuff.

For these reasons we went in the direction of a hosted LMS (we chose Litmos) for our per user per course training environment, and collaborated with clients to configure a LearnDash LMS per corporate client for permanent access to all staff to their own discrete academy.

Hope this helps,