Nervously flickering image on my iPhone 7 in RISE

Sep 10, 2019

Hi! I am creating content in RISE 360. When looking through my example-course on an iPhone (using a Preview Link and Safari), I can zoom in on an image by directly spreading the pic with my fingers. If, however, I first click on the image, so that it enlarges to fill out the screen, and then try too zoom in further by spreading my fingers, the image flickers nervously rendering it impossible to view. Anyone know why?


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Göran Hjälm

Hi Crystal!

It worked out great to disable "Enable zoom on image click"; a function I did not really notice before. By de-selecting this option, nothing happens when tapping the image, but the learner can still do the two-finger-pinch to zoom in on the image. Since my images can be somewhat text-intensive, depending on purpose, being able to zoom on an image is a need, for those moments when our learners use their mobile phones, instead of their computers or iPads.

Flicker-free zoom makes it look much better for the viewer, so thanks for your input :) Cheers!

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