New Feature in Rise: Block Templates

Feb 20, 2018

Hey community peeps!

We’re really stoked to share a new Rise feature with you: block templates. Build Rise courses faster by saving existing blocks and their content as templates, then reusing those templates in other lessons.

And, if you’re an Articulate 360 Teams member, you can also easily share the block templates you create with your team, saving you development time.

Learn more about it here: Creating, Sharing, and Reusing Block Templates

Have a peek at this quick video where CTO Arlyn Asch explains this great new Rise feature:

To see all the latest new features in Rise, check out the What’s New page. And if you’re not already an Articulate 360 subscriber, you can start a free, 60-day trial for full access to everything in Articulate 360, including these new features.

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Johnny Briggs

It appear to be an issue with any of my template blocks, including blocks that have audio, images, and interactive elements such as buttons etc. There doesn't appear to be a particular template block containing a particular asset - it just seems to be any. Also the template blocks don't fail to load all of the time, it appears to be random. For example I was working on thing yesterday and everything was fine, then all of a sudden the template blocks that I was inserting failed to load. The only way to resolve this was to completely close the browser and load everything up again.

wendy seidman

I am still experiencing this issue as I type this!

What happened?! Why can't someone fix this issue? Up until a couple months ago, it worked beautifully, now it's hit or miss whether I can use my templates or not, argh!

It's costing a lot of time/money and frustration on our end for a wonderful tool that Rise created to help save us time and frustration. Please help!

Thank you.

wendy seidman

Thanks. I'm fairly new to Rise. And I only got on this thread, I think,
because I was searching for an answer to my issue and decided to post. But
if I just issue a job request for this same issue, would I automatically be
a part of this thread?
Thanks and I'll quit bugging you now!

*Wendy Seidman*

*190 Dundee Rd. | Inverness, IL 60010 T 847 359 7865*
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