New Feature in Rise: Custom Fonts

Dec 11, 2017

Hey community peeps! 

We’re super excited to share the latest goodness in Rise: custom fonts. Now you can easily get the perfect look for your course by uploading custom fonts. You’ll be able to use your own custom fonts for headings and body text.

In this quick video, CTO Arlyn Asch shows you how it works. Take a look:

To see all the latest new features in Rise, check out the What’s New page.

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Chris Wirick
Greg Nickerson

Hi, This is Karen Pizur.

Where can we find .woff fonts?

It appears from the video you can convert existing OTF or TTF fonts to WOFF format via Font Squirrel. See step 3 listed on the screen at the :13 mark.

Also, it looks like Font Squirrel has a large collection of freeware fonts for use. (I'd never visited their site until now.)

Marcin Czyżuk

Hi Nicole, 

I hope you have a solution to the problem that I experience with Polsih fonts. I doen's matter whether I paste some text from any other document or write it in Rise project. Polish fonts don't work. Here is the example:

I hope there is a solution. I remember that some time ago it worked well. Rise enabled me to develop content really fast... but not any more.



Marcin Czyżuk

Hi there,

the point is that it happens also when I type in the text in Rise. The
example I shared was made that way.  No copying and pasting. However,
usually the content is written somewhere else, usually in special
customized word, excel or goodle documet and then on that basis the Rise
content is developed. I cannot imagine designing the course, from a
scratch, in Rise or retyping every single piece of text. There must be a
solution to that problem.

I tried copying and pasting from MS Word (used the same font in Word and
in Rise), notepad and typed in the same text in Rise. The problem
appears every time. Here how it looks like:

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Marcin,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this.

We've had a similar issue reported previously that our engineering team dove into and here is what was shared:

In the built-in fonts that we provide there are no characters designed for the Polish letters. They are simply not in the font set, so when a Polish letter is encountered it uses the system font. The solution would be to find a font that supports Polish letters and upload it as a custom font. 

I hope this helps.

Marcin Czyżuk

I guess that ANY font described as LATIN supports Polish letters. If I'm, wrong correct me. I converted, using font squirrel, one font downloaded from google fonts and the situation is the same. However, here (attached) is a course made several months ago in Rise and exported to html (1A and 2A) B versions attached are screenshots of the same course but in Rise library of the courses. I dare to say WTF? Now I have to: 1 find the font that works, if it exists; 2 change font s in every course that I built so far..... or you will fix the bug that you created in one of the upgrades. Or at least can you give me the name of the font (that works) that I will be able to upload to my projects. 

Shay Riggs

I’d imagine that what we have here is a font encoding issue.

In olden days, Adobe PostScript fonts were usually encoded in “Latin 1”, which covered western Europe (but not Welsh) and the US. They sold alternate versions of their popular fonts, such as “Times CE”, which covered Polish, Czech, etc.

With Google Fonts (such as Lato) that Rise uses, you can specify what character sets you want to include in the font (so you can omit Cyrillic, for example, to save bandwidth). Oh, and the choice of character set varies from font to font. It sounds to me that the default Rise fonts are not configured with Polish in mind, in which case it has to find those characters in another font instead…

For custom fonts, you need to ensure that they contain support for your desired language—try looking through the characters in the Character Map application in Windows.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Marcin,

Did you mean to attach new screenshots? If so, they did not come through. You'll need to use the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window. 

I'd agree with Shay's idea - double check that the font you downloaded and converted included those characters. If it does, and it's still not working in Rise we'll want the font file to test! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paulina and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Looks like Shay shared a great tip here for custom fonts and being sure that your language is supported as well. Be sure that you have found a font that supports polish letters and upload it as a custom font.

If you need our team to take a look, please share the details and the font installation file with our team by clicking here and we can take a look.

Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Michal! ☺️

Great question! You can currently personalize your Rise courses with custom fonts for headings and body text, and I'll share your suggestion to include the course label fonts as well with our product team. Feel free to share any other ideas you have here or via the feature request form here!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone!

Great news! 

An issue was identified with accented characters (also known as diacritics). The built-in Rise fonts don’t include non-Latin characters, so accented characters might not look the way you’d expect.

The good news being, you can download the full font set from the web, then upload it to Rise to get those characters to display as expected.

Check out our documentation here.

Hope this helps :)

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