New feature in Rise: Disable forward seeking

Apr 02, 2018

We just released a new feature in Rise that I’m excited to share with all of you! Now you can prevent learners from forwarding through videos in your course by disabling forward seeking. Learners can pause and go backward through the video, but not forward. This new feature is great for compliance courses and any other course with required video content since it prevents learners from skipping ahead.

Watch this video from CTO Arlyn Asch to learn all about disabling forward seeking:



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Andrea Franklin

I have a course with a video embedded. I made sure to uncheck the box so they could not forward seek. However, when the video is playing, if they attempt to forward seek it starts the video from the beginning. Any ideas on how to fix this? It does not allow them to forward seek which is good, but if they were to try in the middle of the video then they have to start the video from the beginning which can be frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.

Andrea Franklin

Hi, thank you for responding. We are sharing the course through our LMS and we did not have this issue a week ago. We tested in both IE and Chrome, we had the same issue, then I recreated the course and published to the LMS, IE seems to work now and Chrome does not, which usually we have issues with IE so we encourage people to use Chrome. Could it be something internal like a firewall or setting change on our corporate side?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michelle!

The Disable Forward Seeking feature can be applied to videos you've imported directly into Rise 360, but not to a Multimedia Embed Block. Do you have the option to download those videos and upload them directly into Rise 360?

Tell me more about the learners who are taken straight to the video past blocks of content. Have you seen this problem on your side, too? Do you know what web browser they were using when it happened?

Michelle Errek

The problem of "Jumping" past blocks of content seems to only happen to individuals who are on Wi-Fi. It is not consistent throughout the course. I have only had this happen to me in one instance. I cannot duplicate it over and over. One learner experienced this in Firefox, it only happened at one video and there is about 15 videos in the course. One person was using a MAC and the browser was Firefox. It seems if the user is using a LAN line there is no problem.

The videos are embedded using an iframes link.



Russell Looi

Hi there,

I like the disable forward seeking option for videos in Rise.

However, I just have 1 qualm that I find puzzling. Why is it that even after a user completes a course, when he/she revisits the course again as a form of recap, they are still not able to forward seek the video. It is kind of counter intuitive to the learner as he/she might now just want to look at certain parts of the video, yet they have no choice but to watch it from the beginning again.

Is there any workaround to allow user to forward seek the video after he/she has completed the course?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Russell! Thanks for sharing. Currently, while the learner is in the same lesson, forward seeking will work once they've viewed the entire video. If they navigate to a different lesson, or close and resume the course, the forward seeking is disabled again.

I'll share your thoughts with my team to explore if we can make a change, here.

Russell Looi

Hi Crystal,

Thanks! Maybe not a change, instead give creators an option would be nicer. For those who want to restrict forward seeking vs those who do not want to restrict forward seeking of videos after completion of module.

I'm not sure about other cases, but for my case, I would definitely use the option to allow my learners to forward seek a video once they have completed/ or seen that part of the video as it is more intuitive for me.