NEW IN RISE: Process Block

Jul 31, 2018

New feature alert! We just shipped the latest new goodie in Rise, the process block.

Now you can add process interactions to the custom lessons you create with blocks. They’re a great way to help learners explore and understand a step-by-step process. And of course they’re beautiful and responsive to any device.

Take a peek at the process block in action:

We can’t wait to see what you create with this new block!

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Lisa.  The Process block takes up the full width of the screen which is why you don't see the same background color option in Settings.  The gray highlights the steps which are white and borderless.  

It sounds like you'd prefer to have more formatting options, though, so I'll bring that up with our team!

Monica Sulecio de Alvarez

Thank you Ashley for your response, and thank you Carolina for bring this up. 

Labels in Spanish seem to be working properly, except that behavior is different in the editing and the preview mode.Also, the "Read more" label for embedded content is not working in Spanish. Here are some screenshots. 

I love the Introduction and Summary portions of the process. I would love it even more if we were able to turn them on or off as needed ;).

Rise is getting better and better every time! All the best!Issues with labels in Rise Process Block

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Thanks for the link. I tested this in Chrome and Edge where it behaved normally, and as you noted in IE11 when opening it, the process interaction appeared off center. I was able to expand IE11 to be full screen, and then it appeared normally. Can you test that as well? I kept playing around with it and saw some inconsistencies with how it displays, so I'll report that to the team to investigate further. 

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