New Rise Feature - Exit Course

Many of you told us you needed a way for Rise learners to return to your LMS. So we've added a few features that make that super easy.

You can now set buttons in block lessons to leave the course, or add an ever-present link that lets learners return to an LMS.

Check out this Peek video describing the features:

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Allison LaMotte

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting the button to work. Did you try uploading your course to SCORM Cloud to see if you experience the same behavior?

That's what we generally recommend doing to determine whether the problem stems from the course or the LMS. Here's an article that walks you through how to do that.

If it works correctly on SCORM Cloud, then the problem is coming from the LMS and you'll need to talk to your provider.

If you see the same issue on SCORM Cloud, then the problem is likely coming from the course itself. If that's the case, please reach out to our support team.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Coaching Support

Hi Allison! I tested in scorm cloud and that worked fine. I have removed the button with the 'Exit course (LMS)' destination and the LMS now seems to be reporting correctly?! I would prefer to have the button so need to investigate with the LMS further as I don't believe the issue is with Rise. On another note- in the scorm export, what is the difference between passed/incomplete and complete/incomplete? Thanks :)

Anthony Karcz

I can answer that one! They're simply two different ways to report the same status to your LMS. Some LMS providers look for a "Passed" state when a learner finishes a course. Others look for "Complete." Which you choose depends on your LMS. We go into deeper detail here if you're interested. 

Hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Simon,

Your best option here would be to use the exit course link, not the button stack since you can't add a button stack to a quiz lesson. However, the exit course link will appear throughout the entire course, not only on the quiz lesson.

If you'd like, you can log a feature request to tell us more about your specific needs.

In the meantime, if there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know! 

Simon Ray

Hi Allison

I've seen that feature and have used it in the course, however, the people doing the course don't see it. The whinge that the end of the quiz "just sits there and does nothing". I'm thinking I'll do a post quiz summary page the has a big Exit Course button on it.

I have put forward a feature request for this to be an option on the quiz summary page.




Craig Oliver-Walsh
Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ivor.  That's a great catch - sorry that the exit course feature slipped into your web output.  I'm documenting this for our team to have a look to make sure that LMS-only features don't make their way into the web output.

You've nailed the workaround -- make sure the exit course link feature is disabled before exporting for web, for now.

There shouldn't be any other non-functional LMS components that your learners see when exporting for web.  Hopefully that keeps the inbox sane!

This seems to still function in the same way, it would be great if it did work but swtiching it off until fixed will help prevent confusion!

Doug Doyle

Anyone trying to link directly to the next unit within a SCORM 2004 LMS? Not a lesson in the publication, but actually to the next publication that is part of the LMS curriculum. I tried executing the javascript below via a storyline block but it didn't work.

I read this thread (well most of it anayways) and didn't see this inquiry.



Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Maggie!

Depending on your LMS, when you exit the course using either a button or the Exit Course link, you may see that "Bye! 👋" messaging before closing the Rise window.  Some LMSs will use the "goodbye" messaging, and some will just close the window when you click to exit the course.

My teammate, Crystal, created this Peek 360 video to demonstrate how that messaging appears in an LMS.