New Rise Feature - Knowledge Check Block

You all asked for it and now it's here - Knowledge Check block. 

Check out the Peek video here describing the feature.

For this first release we are starting with Multiple Choice question types. We will be adding more question types to blocks and in quizzes next year. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Julie! Currently you can select 1 correct answer for knowledge check questions, but a multiple response question type (with more than 1 correct answer) is coming soon! We'll let you know when it arrives. 

Hi Fiona! Are you looking for a way to adjust the text labels in your Rise course? If so, check out this handy tutorial! It's got everything you need to know. 😁

Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Erin!

If you add a Continue button below a Knowledge Check block, it will activate when the learner has completed the Knowledge Check question, whether their answer is correct or incorrect. 

Instead, you could create the Knowledge Check question in Storyline, and require learners to answer the question correctly using a course completion trigger. The details of that setup are all right here!

Warren Zimmerman

We really need a try again feature and knowledge check LMS tracking. Our style of micro-learning lends itself really well to knowledge checks after each section, allowing users to review any material they may not have fully absorbed by simply scrolling back up the page. e.g. in the Course Overview section, the user is tested at the end of the page, but not forced to get the knowledge check correct. Why would it be useful to allow them to progress with an incorrect answer? And the same feedback for a correct answer is not ideal. We've really been embracing RISE here and would love to contribute to future testing and development in any way possible. 

Digital Learning

Hello Ashley & Articulate Team and Hello e-heroes community!
First of all thanks for the great tools and support you provide, my team and I really love working with Rise :)

I was wondering if there has been an update regarding Amy Powells question above..?

We constantly get the feedback from SMEs and learners that it doesn't make any sense to them that the correct/wrong answers are shown AND they can "try again" after that.
(in knowledge check blocks)

That's why we want to either deactivate the "Try again" option or disable the display of the wrong/correct answers.

Is that possible and we just didn't find the settings for that?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi all,

I see a lot of discussions here about Try again option.

I just want to join and add that it is really necessary to add an opportunity to limit the number of attempts in the Knowledge check block.

It works great in AS360: when attempts are available user sees Try again button with some generic feedback, once they are over user sees correct\incorrect feedback without the Try again button.

I really see that RISE tool could work so good, but without this basic function, It is impossible.

Hope we'll see some updates soon.

Ellen Hayes

Hi, (1) Is there a way to require that learners answer knowledge checks that are built into lesson blocks? If not, please +1 this feature request. It's a common concern I've received from clients: their worry being that there is no incentive to complete the KCs and learners may just speed through. (2) Alternatively, if I include separate quiz sections throughout the course (essentially, to mimic required KCs in lesson blocks), is possible to specify which of the quiz blocks can be used to calculate scoring?