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Renz Sevilla

Hi William! 10 is the current max limit for the Matching Type question. You can try splitting up your matching type questions into 6 and 6 to fit your 12 item requirement.

In the meantime, I'll let the team know you'd like to see a higher limit for Matching Type items. If we make any changes that help, you'll hear about it!

Jessica Ward, Staff Instructional Designer, Tesla

Looking through the forum for a workaround for this now. I just simply CANNOT understand why Articulate has spent years doing such a poor job of implementing relatively simple requests from their users. I've run into so many issues that have a large group of vocal users asking for them over the course of years, but no implementation from Articulate. Sure makes one want to spend their time looking into a more customer-responsive authoring tool instead.

Laura Boll

I know this thread was 2yrs ago, but I am having the issue where the choices are not randomizing and require them to be answered in the order that they were entered in the edit field.  I have 6 questions, with 2 categories.  I want the user to drag the choice to the correct category.  This worked initially, but now it is counting answers incorrect if they are not answered in correct order.  If someone can help me I'd appreciate it!

Yih Wen Chang

I request Articulate team to take a prompt action into their development of their tool for basic requirements, such as increasing the character limit in a box and being able to to use more than 10 options (boxes) for Matching questions type.

If we were only to make Single-choice or Multiple choice questions, it could've been done on most of our LMS'es, but why we are with Articulate is to be able to have more flexibility in our Learning content design and development.

Appreciate a prompt and a real action on this by Articulate team. Thank you!