New seat/user cannot "Publish a new version of an existing item" to Review 360

Feb 22, 2021

We recently added a seat/user to our Articulate360 account. This new user has started working on some projects in Rise360, and is able to Review --> "Create a new item" --> Publish in order to generate a Review360 link for stakeholders to interact with.

However, this user is not able to Review --> "Publish a new version of an existing item". This option, the option to publish a new version, isn't even there on the page. There is only the one option to create a new item, no matter how many times they've actually created a new item. On my end, I see everything normally.

Everything seems to work well for this user except for this one feature. Unfortunately, it's a very important feature.  We have tried changing the roles of this seat/account between collaborator and manager (we've even transferred ownership!), and it's just not solving anything.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hello, there. We have some tips for collaborators when publishing your course to Review 360 here.

The way it works currently is that a collaborator can publish to Review 360, but they aren't able to update the existing item on the original course owner's Review 360 dashboard. Whenever a collaborator publishes to Review 360, it will appear as a new item on the owner's dashboard in Review 360.

We are aware of this difficulty, and I'll tag this discussion so you can get an update about any changes we potentially make.