New Templates in Rise - 508 Compliant?

Aug 23, 2022

Hello all!

I love the new template feature in Articulate Rise. We love this platform because it creates beautiful courses very easily.

We are in the process of converting some older courses so that they are 508 compliant. We love using Rise (without any bells and whistles) because it makes the process easier.

Are the new templates 508 compliant? I realize there are some items that are not 100 percent compliant yet (some interactivity), but overall, it works if we just simplify the courses with images and text blocks.

Thank you!


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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Chris, good day! Thank you for choosing Rise! The templates are not inherently accessible because the purpose is for the content to be customized, which could also break accessibility. You can certainly start with a template, and then make your content accessible through things like alt text, closed captions, etc.