New Theme in Rise 360

Mar 20, 2019

Do we have multiple theme in Rise 360, so that as per our project requirements we can select for the output. Currently the default theme have limited features.

1. Do not offer Proper Branding and copy right information per page/lesson.

2. Heading image option is not found. This is only limited to Intro page only, but not for lesson pages

3. Closed  captions options for video is not found. This is required for video based lessons.

4.  Adding Audio features for Tabs, Accordions etc interactivity is not found. It would be grate if we can found this features for all interactivity

5.  Audio blocks should have more functionalities like adding transcript files with a show/hide feature button and same in case of video files

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Nicole Legault

Hey there SibaPrasad, 

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a comment and your feedback. We truly appreciate it. If these are all features you'd like to see, I encourage you to submit a few feature requests here with more details about the specific features you want and how you want them to work. 

Thank you :) 

Tom Kuhlmann

As Nicole noted, we don't have those specific features so you can submit a feature request for things you like to see. In the meantime, here are a three ideas that may help in the short-term:

  • Branding can include the theme fonts and accent color. In addition, it can be achieved with visual elements and colorization of blocks/text. Those modifications to the blocks can be saved as templates as a quick starting point.
  • You can use Storyline as your closed caption video player. Here's a demo I created that shows two ways to do it.
  • Combine an accordion interaction with audio block to create a transcript section.


Wendy Schorr

Yes, I would like to see more flexibility in being able to truly brand a course. As of right now, there is not a lot of freedom to make courses visually different from one another. I would like to be able to have more control over where the navigation goes on the page or what shape my buttons can be, just a couple of examples.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Wendy!

It sounds like you prefer a more custom look in your course. Have you tried Storyline 360? With Storyline 360, you'll have full control over things like colors and navigation, down to the finest detail.

Rise 360 helps you create beautiful courses in a short amount of time. By mixing different blocks, you can quickly create a lesson with a unified and modern theme that learners love.

For more on which tool is best for you, check out this article! How Pros Use Rise 360 and Storyline 360