No End to Scenario!

Feb 01, 2021

I have created many scenarios in my Rise courses, and have not encountered this before - 

There's no exit to this scenario. You cannot proceed, so it's a real problem. The screen preceding End Scenario says Go To: End Scenario after the Feedback for both answer choices.  

I even tried recreating the scenario in the course and the problem persisted. 




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cathy!

It sounds like the final slide of your scenario is a dialogue slide, is that right? I created a sample scenario below that ends with a dialogue slide. One of the answer choices goes to End Scenario. 

Please watch this short video demo of my scenario, and let me know if yours looks different than this one! 

Cathy Allen of Audit Conduct

Hi and thanks for the reply. I am using the End Scenario option in the last dialogue box. I set up numerous scenarios in courses I’ve written and they were all working fine with an End Scenario screen at the conclusion. Now, I’m finding that the End Scenario screen is missing and I cannot imagine how that is possible. The screen shot below provides an example of this -

My workaround has been to add a text box with instructions telling the learner that they have completed the scenario and they should scroll down to proceed, but I do not see this as ideal. Any other thoughts on this? Should I contact tech support?



Cathy Allen
Managing Member

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Lea Agato

Hi Cathy, do you get the same results when viewing the course using a different browser or using private viewing mode? You’ll also want to make sure you’re using a supported browser for Rise

If you’re still getting the issue, you can submit a support case here, and one of our Customer Support Engineers will work with you directly to troubleshoot this issue further.  Thanks!