No LMS - is that a problem

Hey guys,

How do you use Rise360 if you don't have a formal LMS yet? (We're hoping to get one in the future thank goodness.) For now though, how can I share my RiseContent in an effective way, without having an LMS to house my courses? 

Also--what is the difference in use for Rise360, and Storyline? Is it just preference? 



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Karl Muller

Hi Sarah,

If you are not hosting your Rise course in a LMS, you will need to find a different solution, e.g. hosting on a web server.

Also be aware that by not using a LMS, no data will be stored for students. There will be no tracking data, bookmarking etc. So your organization will have no records related to student online training activities. Each time student attempt a course, they will need to start over from the beginning.