One large course vs smaller modules


I'm designing a RISE course for an upcoming Applicant Tracking System we're implementing. In addition to teaching users to use the system, we also need to teach them all the business practices surrounding its use.  Originally we planned for 5 separate rise courses, because of how many sections and topics it would be in one course, but I'm leaning towards all in one course so that it's a "one-stop shop" and a user would be able to perform a key word search and wouldn't have to log into 5 separate courses to find what they were looking for. The concern is it may be too many lessons all in one place (it's likely going to be 11 sections and 130 lessons in total).

Any advice can you provide? Any pros and cons you can provide to both approaches? 

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Shannon McGinnis

At my org, we break things into smaller chunks. We have an LMS so we often bundle them into one "course" but the learner can go directly to the content they need. They can also see how long each module (in this case each separate Rise course) is so if they have limited time they may start with a quicker module, rather than go through them in order. That provides them a sense of accomplishment as they have something "done", as well as a sense of autonomy and control. I can see times where one longer course makes sense too. 130 lessons feels very long though without seeing/understanding the content.