Open ended or 'no wrong answer' question type?

I have a fire safety training module. As the knowledge check, I would like the learner to identify their closest emergency exit on a map. 

I am not really interested in whether they get it right or wrong, but really just that they think about where it is. Is there a way of putting a knowledge check in where no answer is wrong?

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Lionel Dieperink

Hey Roni,

Given that you just want to get them thinking, you could just use an image of the map and then add clickable points on the map corresponding to recommended exits and ones like lifts, where they may not make it out alive.  I've used the Labelled interaction block to point things like this out to learners.
Alternatively, you could create something in Articulate 360, publish it and add it using the 360 Block in RISE.
Or, if the Labelled interaction isn't workable, borrowing from Crystal's idea, add the map as an image with letters on it corresponding to choices you add to a question below it.