Option to cease notification emails

Apr 27, 2018


I can't find a setting to stop the emails I get whenever I send a rise course for review.  They are irritating! I can see it's ready! I'm looking at it!

Is there a way of doing this?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nicola.  You're right - Rise will send an email when you successfully upload your course to Articulate Review, as well as when you export a course for LMS or web.  Some folks find it helpful when they need to export a larger course that might take a few minutes to process.

I'll let our team know that you'd like an option to disable those emails!  In the meantime, would creating an email filter help reduce your inbox volume?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sandra,


Let's see if I can share some information to help you remedy that :)

Typically when you reply to a discussion, you are auto-subscribed to get updates and stay informed, but you can remove this feature if you'd like or even unsubscribe from previous threads:

I fear that you may have subscribed to an entire forum discussion category though.

For instance, this is the Rise forum and you may be subscribed to all discussions, but you can turn that off as well:


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