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I've built 2 courses in Rise, 1 is optional and 1 is required. They are both part of the same course in the LMS. I've loaded them both in the same course in my LMS and the Optional one is first. Normally if something is checked in the LMS as Not Required and Not Scored, and it's first it marks it as complete as soon as they launch the course. That is not happening for the Articulate course .

When I exported it from Articulate I set the % to complete to 0%. It doesn't seem like I have an option when exporting to say I don't need to track completion. Can you tell me if there is some way to do it?



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Renz Sevilla

Hi Rosemary, 

Thanks for reaching out! Rise 360 does communicate with your LMS throughout the lesson, but not constantly. Here are some specific times it communicates with your LMS:

  • After each lesson
  • After each question
  • Once completion requirements are met

    They will need to move past at least one lesson, and that will mark it as Completed.

If you want to dig in more and see more details, you can do that by enabling debug mod in your LMS. Here's how that works.

I hope that's helpful!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Rosemary, when a learner has viewed a specific percentage of the course, this is measured per lesson and is satisfied when the last required lesson is completed.

So let's say, you have a 10-lesson course and set the course completion tracking to 10%, the completion requirement is sent to your LMS when the learner completes the first lesson.

If you divide 100% by the number of lessons, you should get your minimum required completion percentage for tracking course completion. Hope that helps!

Rosemary Aylward

I understand but it doesn't solve my problem.
Rise allows me to create some quick, engaging content that folks like.
I would like to be able to create content in Rise or Storyline that can be added to an eCourse but have it be optional.
I'm adding some instructions to a series of courses that some folks will want to review and some won't. I'd like them to be able to bypass it altogether if they want.
Thanks for your response.