Options for reporting in Rise without LMS

Hi everyone,

I've just built my first course in Rise and I'm having trouble exporting.  My client needs to be able to track the final exam built within it, but their LMS seems to be incompatible.  Is there another way to report out user data without having to start over and re-build?  I have put a ton of time into the project and my timeline is running out.

Any ideas?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jen and congratulations on that first course completion :)

A great way to test if the issue lies within the LMS is to test via SCORM Cloud to compare. 

The tracking of results and any notifications to a course administrator is something that is handled by a Learning Management system and there isn't anything baked into Rise (or our other authoring tools) to handle that.

Not sure if someone in the community has any workaround to share in the meantime.