Other Course Description Options in Rise?

Are there any other options for the course description section in Rise? Currently I see these 3 quick insert options, but, ideally, I'd like to have all block options.

As you'll see at the bottom of the image I had to build a "Module Introduction" section because the content I'd like to use for the course's introduction/description is a video. It doesn't look like you can insert a video here; you can only insert a video as a block in a section. I believe this lack of other options severely undercuts the flexibility of how we can introduce or describe the variety of courses we create in Rise.

If I'm incorrect please steer me in the right direction. 


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Heather Vogt

Bummer. I had to create a separate section to drop a video introduction into my course. I think it'd be better/more engaging to have a video intro right out of the gate rather than having to scroll down to a section, "open" the section and then view the intro. 

Maybe this could be a feature request??