Page numbers in Rise

We would like to transform some of our paper-based training manuals (learner guides and instructor guides used in classrooms) into interactive training manuals that can be used on mobile devices or PC. Rise will do just about everything we want except for page numbers. Instructors as used to pointing learners to specific pages in their learner guides during classes. Since Rise really isn't setup to support page numbers, has anyone had success finding a way to point a user directly to a section/page in Rise? Some of these paper guides are 400 pages long which is creating the problem.

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Dave Hardin

Hi Allison,

We have explored that option but breaking up a 400 page learner guide into that many lessons gets very clunky. You can't have too much information in any one lesson because it becomes a big challenge getting all 20-30 learners in a classroom to land on the right spot. On the other hand, if you break up every page into 400 lessons, trying to get people to find a lesson name in 400 different lessons would be even tougher. 

We have thought about making some sort code that you could search for (L1S13 = Lesson 1, Section 13) but maintaining that during edits could become a mess.  

Gillian White

I tried to do this just yesterday! I wanted a Welcome guide to accompany some onboarding courses we had created. I built it in Rise and published to PDF. The consistent look and feel to the guide and subsequent courses was great - but the inability to insert page numbers, along with the "Lesson 1 of 2" text at the top of each section made it look a little wonky.