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Peter Gallup

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to add Name and course title to the PDF printout.  I'm going to insert a Data entry field so users can enter the Course name and also enter a Data entry filed so that users can enter their name.  I can get the PDF file to appear, but I cannot figure out how to get the Data Entry fields to populate into the PDF.  Is there anyway you would be able to help me with this?

Peter Gallup

I have the PDF all built, In my Storyline course, once the user completes they click a button that send them to a PDF certificate of completion that they can easily print.  I would like if the name they enter in SL gets sent to the PDF so they don't have to fill out the PDF manually.  Is this possible?  Thank you for your assistance.

Peter Gallup

Thanks Leslie,

Yes, I have my PDF and when you click the button in Storyline "Print PDF" it opens in a new window.  The date auto populates (MM/DD/YYYY ) it also includes military time and AM/PM.  The issue I can't seem to figure out is that I'd like to have the users name populate into the PDF.  So on the first slide of my .story file they would enter their name.  Then when the PDF loads for printing, instead of manually having the user enter their name, it would auto populate from the SL variable.  I just can't seem to get this to work.  I'm banging my head against the wall. LOL

Steve Keddy

Not sure if this was ever answered outside of this thread, but alt-tagging images takes a lot of time. So when I export a PDF version of my course, if the alt tags don't carry over then I have to go through and re-tag everything in the PDF. Depending on the course, this can be hours of extra work, so it would be a HUGE value add for me to make alt tags exportable to PDF. I find it puzzling why this wasn't included in the export function to begin with.