PDF export - Change font

May 06, 2020

Hi community,

When I export a PDF from Rise, the export changes the predefined font I set up for the course. It is odd because I used the same font for all the courses I have developed and I never experienced this issue while exporting the PDFs.

How can I export the PDF with the predefined font I set up for the course?

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Jez Vincent

We are also having this issue, and I can't quite believe that the bug still exists after two years!

I’ve managed a workaround, but not ideal.

First I compared settings with another module that was working OK. No difference.

Then I tried changing the fonts, and then back again. Still not working.

Then I tried duplicating the module and this worked.

Then I tried deleting the original and renaming the duplicated module to the correct name. Fonts went wrong again.

So finally I duplicated the module again, downloaded it, changed the title manually and resaved the PDF. Then just deleted the duplicate module.

Come on guys, please get onto fixing this soon!  Thank you.