PDF filename changes when downloading from Rise

Hi there,

We have noticed that when downloading a pdf document (from the pdf multimedia block) the filename of the downloaded document is different than the filename of the document when it is in Rise.  See attachment for screenshots.  Is this supposed to happen?  If so, what is the rationale in changing the filename?  We would really appreciate it, if someone can shed some light on this for us.  Thank in advance and have a wonderful day!

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Jacinta! Happy to work this through with you, if you need faster help, you can share the file privately with us by opening a case on this link here.  Can you help me with a few more details?

  • Where is your Rise 360 course hosted? A web server, LMS, or somewhere else? 
  • What version of Chrome were you using when you noticed this problem? 
Jacinta Mahady


I have shared the file via the link.

I am using the following version (it updated as I opened it to check but
the issue is still occurring) Google Chrome is up to date
Version 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It is being hosted on an LMS via SCORM file but it also occurs via link,
and even when I download it within rise if I am editing.

Gary Krueger

I'm experiencing the same thing when the Rise course is in Moodle but also on rise.articulate.com/author. I notice that when the PDF opens in a new Chrome browser window (from rise.articulate/...) that the extra 16 characters in the filename match part of the name of the PDF in the exported Scorm file (inside the scormcontent/assets folder). When I download the PDF from Moodle it also has those same 16 characters, with additional 16 characters in front that are different from the first 16 characters in the exported Scorm file. Hope that makes sense and hope it helps to debug this issue.

Tracy Smith

Any fix on this yet? The current Rise I'm working in added all of these characters (CaHkZeGrEpyXj48v-) in front the filename after downloading. It makes it confusing. Did I download xyz.pdf or did I download CaHkZeGrEpyXj48v-xyz.pdf?

Any workarounds or naming conventions found to help? What's the status?

Ann-Marie Pickles


I am creating a Rise course with the download file block and I am experiencing the same issue. The filename in the download folder has extra junk characters e.g. _whf-Jm-p8v9jOVf_kU97xddocoTeKxJj and then the filename.

We are using Totara as our LMS, and the Rise package is saved as a SCORM 1.2 package. I am viewing the SCORM package on Google Chrome 92.

Can you please let me know if there have been any updates to this download junk character issue?