Percentage correct is not correct in multiple response

Hi there,

I have created a multiple response question, on which my learners can retry once. The issue I've got is that even when learners tick some of the right boxes, it's saying that they have 0% correct. I'm wondering if there's a bug?

It's in the "Child Protection in Emergencies" module > Quiz here: 


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Crystal Horn

Hello, Mhairi!  Thanks for sharing your course.  It looks like you might be talking about the first quiz section in your course with the single multiple choice question.

Rise allocates points for each question based on answering the entire thing correctly or incorrectly.  Partial credit is a cool idea, though, for multiple response questions.  If you'd like to see that as a feature for graded quizzes, can you let our team know here?

I have an idea for you, though.  I see you have 3 quizzes in your course.  If you are tracking your course in a learning management system, you'll only be able to choose one quiz to track.  Assuming you'd track the last quiz, you have options with how you'll present the questions in the first 2 quizzes.

If you don't need to evaluate the learner on their answer, could you create a list block with all of those choices?  You can check out my idea here.  Just a thought!

Maybe that will help you get the same effect you'd like without the "Fail, 0%" message from the quiz lesson.

Mhairi Longmuir


Thank you for your reply.  If "Rise allocates points for each question based on answering the entire thing correctly or incorrectly" then why does it give a percentage, surely that in itself is flawed? When used in conjunction with a "multiple" response answer.

My client has asked for feedback, and for the learner to have two tries, so that isn't going to work for me.

Am I going to need to find another way to do this, if I don't want to give false percentage feedback?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mhairi,

The percentages you're seeing are for the overall quiz, not each individual question. Crystal was referring to the score for each question (no partial scoring) which are calculated towards the total quiz score which is represented as a percent. 

You can set the entire quiz to be retried in the Quiz settings here:

I'd also look at removing the option to "Reveal Answers" so that they're not aware of the answer before retrying the questions. 

At the top of the course where you see the % complete, that's about the overall course that the user has reviewed and what they've interacted with. Is that what is causing you confusion? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mhairi,

Yes, if you built the quiz in Storyline you can modify what is shown on the individual quiz questions, feedback, and how the results slide would display. Here's how to track course completion with a Storyline block in Rise.

The % complete is built into Rise, and that will still display based on the overall course completion (what the learner has seen and interacted with).