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Good evening, fellow e-learning community.

I have a question regarding course tracking in SCORMS from Rise. When you are selecting the "Tracking" before exporting, it gives you three options. The first being "Track using course completition", and the second "Track using quiz result" -the third is not relevant to our concern here. The problem is, whether we want to assign a score only using the quiz answers to our students, we would ALSO like to know what percentage of the SCORM has been visited. Is it stored somewhere in "suspend data"? Do someone know how can I measure this second parameter?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi there! It sounds like you'd like to be able to track both the percent complete AND a quiz score from your Rise courses. Is that correct? If so, Rise does pass along both the percentage value and quiz score data to your LMS. However, accessing that information would be easiest by exporting it for Tin Can, rather than SCORM—assuming Tin Can is supported by your LMS. You can read more about what's involved with implementing the Tin Can API in this article.

Another thought: if the point of seeing this data is simply to ensure your learners have completed the entire course before accessing the quiz, you can restrict the navigation so course lessons must be completed, in order, before learners can get to the quiz. You can learn more about restricting navigation in Rise in this article. 

And if I've misunderstood your question or goals, please feel free to reply here so I can take another shot at it! I'm happy to help.


Thank you for your helpful reply!

Yes, that's it, we would like to know both stats. We need to access it via SCORM, since we do not support Tin Can. Even if it is more complicated, we would like to know how to read these values from SCORM. How could we do that? Could you throw some light over that matter? :)

 Have a nice day

Trina Rimmer

Hi there. I don't have any specific how-to steps I can share on this as it's not something we'd support. But perhaps someone else in the community has done this and will chime in on this discussion? I'll keep this discussion on my radar to see if anyone else has some ideas they can share. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to see us add a feature to Rise to make this easier, you can share your thoughts directly with our dev team with a feature request.  They'd love to hear from you on how this will improve your experience with Rise.


Oh, I got misled with the previous answer, since "accessing that information would be easiest by exporting it for Tin Can, rather than SCORM" may have meant that it was more difficult, not impossible.

If there is absolutely nothing to do, I'll try to find something somewhere else while keeping an eye on this conversation. Our only option for now is to look up the information inside the suspend_data field.

Thank you very much, Trina, I still got faith.


PS: If you're not able to help us, a bag of pistachios would be appreciated since I lost a bet against a co-worker defending we would get help :(