Picture Clarity


I'm primarly working in the process block. While working in the block I've noticed that for whatever reason the clarity and crispness of the images completely varies from picture to picture. 

What causes this distinct difference and how can I make all the pictures clear? (Again this is for the process block) Does the size of the image matter when uploading?

I've attached two photos, one that came out kind of crisp and one that is not at all. They are different sizes, is that what is causing this? I've tried a ton of different things to fix this and I can't figure it out. 

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you



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Crystal Horn

Hi Maddie!

We've designed a workaround to keep your images looking crystal clear.

If you'd like an image to keep its specific file format and not undergo compression, you can opt-out of image optimization on a case-by-case basis. Add _NOPROCESS_ to the name of your image file. It'll upload and display exactly as you saved it. Keep in mind that the 5GB file size limit still applies, and you could see an increase in your output file size.