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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Anke and Joan! 

The black screen will appear when the first slide of the Storyline block contains media, like audio or video.

Try this:

  • Open the content in Storyline 360, and insert a new slide before the video slide.
  • On the new first slide, add a screenshot of the video.
  • Add this trigger to the screenshot: "Jump to slide [next slide] when the user clicks [the screenshot]."
  • Publish to Review 360 as a new item.
  • In Rise 360, remove the original Storyline block, and add the newest version.

Now the learner will not see a black screen. Instead, when they click the video, it will begin playing automatically. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joan,

I wouldn't expect that you would see a play button if there is no media on the first slide. What web browser are you using?

Would you mind sharing one of those Storyline files with us? We can publish it to Review 360, then add it to Rise as a Storyline Block and see if we run into the play button.

If that works for you, send the Storyline file our way by clicking here!