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Crystal Horn

No problem, Kelly! Yes, that's right. Each course will be its own package wherever it's hosted.

  • Share URL: If you're using the Share URL, you can link to another course's Share URL very easily, using a hyperlink or button block, for example. Keep in mind, the Share URL is for light sharing and won't report data on your learners.
  • Web: When hosting your course on the web, you can use the URL of other Rise 360 courses on your site for linking.
  • LMS: Typically, learners need to launch courses from the LMS dashboard where they're signed in. Linking to another course hosted in the LMS might prompt them to sign in again or open a new LMS window. You'll want to check with your LMS support on what happens for learners if they link to other content hosted in the LMS.

Does that help? 😃