Possible to replace the image in MM block?

Apr 02, 2017

Good day all,

Is it at all possible to swap out or replace an image that is brought in by the MM block (with external data turned on? 

I'm working on a text on Mars and the iamge automatically imported just happens to be one of the few images that NASA does not allow use for by teachers and textbook writers.

One alternative is turning off the data capture function but Rise does such a good (and uniform looking) job at that, I'd prefer not doing so...



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Michael,

Are you using a Multimedia Embed block, like this?

Any images that are included in the metadata within the Multimedia Embed block are controlled by the destination URL, so there isn't a way to swap out those images. Have you tried disabling the "Show Metadata" option? If your goal is to remove the image but keep the video title and description, you could copy those text elements and paste them into a Text Paragraph with Heading block below the video.

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