Possible to share ownership of a Rise course?

Feb 21, 2019

My team works collaboratively on courses for our clients, which includes any updates that need to be made.  (Updating and re-publishing goes to whomever is available at that given time.)

We've discovered that while you can add collaborators to your course, only the OWNER can export it for upload into our LMS.  And there's only allowed one owner/course, from what I can tell.

Is there a way to share ownership so we can all export any course we're attached to?  

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Erin,

Unfortunately, that's not currently possible in Rise. Our team has a feature request logged for this capability and I will make sure your voice gets added to the discussion.

In the meantime, your best option is to have your team members transfer ownership when needed. Here's an article that explains how that works.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. :)

Amy Hengst

Hello, I just encountered this too -- my team of content developers shared several courses with me as I've taken ownership to maintain. I didn't see any Share or Export options, and assumed my edits were live as a result. Come to find out, this week's learners did not see my updates and I have to go back to the course owners to publish and export to Scorm. It would have been helpful at least to show course collaborators that they do NOT have owernship through a greyed out button or something, but ultimately we need to be able to share courses so that if someone leaves the org or in an emergency, we can easily update and maintain. So Please vote me +1 for shared ownership! 

I also have an issue that I created a course for another org that I'm using now as my work sample, but can't edit it as I would like to. My former colleague / the Rise admin at that company couldn't access it either. Is there a way of maintaining course ownership or transferring/sharing a course to a private account rather than always being tied to one company? I understand that in most cases, the work needs to be owned by the company rather than the individual but in the case of professional samples or professional development projects, maintaining personal control over courses would be desired. Thank you. Amy

Allison LaMotte

Hi Amy,

I'm sorry for the confusion about your updates being live for learners but glad that you got that figured out! I'll add your +1 to the feature request.

To answer your second question, courses are always associated with a specific user. If you created that course with another account, then you'll want to log into that other account and transfer ownership to your new account to maintain full editing rights.

I hope that makes sense! If not, please let me know. :)

Amy Hengst

Thanks Allison, but I no longer work for that organization so I can't access that account. I've either forgotten the login password, or since they cut me off as a user I can't access the account, and the email isn't active since it was my corporate email so I can't reset the password even if the account still exists.

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