Poster frame in video

Oct 04, 2019

Hi again!

My company produces videos and when there is a fade in from black in the beginning, the video frame is always pitch black before hitting play. Is there some way to designate a poster frame that is shown before hitting play so that it looks more appealing to click on than just a black still...? I work primarily in Rise.

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Holley Berley

Hi Michael,

If you upload your video to a video host (like Vimeo) you can choose your thumbnail yourself.  When you embed it into Rise (using an embed block), you'll see the thumbnail you picked out instead of the black screen.  Plus, you'll get some video stats from the video host (i.e. # of views).  This will work even if the video is set to private.

SibaPrasad Padhi

This is a much requested feature to include poster frame option in video block. It’s better to have this to avoid any last minute video production change requirements during production of e-learning. Because using a poster image is always a good option then rerender a video again and again.