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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trish,

It sounds like you may have created some elearning in Powerpoint already and are looking to reuse it in Articulate 360? Rise doesn't have an import from Powerpoint option, but Storyline does! 

You can also embed Storyline courses in Rise following the steps here. 

There isn't a way to split the notes out to appear on a slide, but if they're already there it could be as easy as adding a new slide and copying/pasting text. 

If you want to let us know your ultimate goal, perhaps we can work backward from there to share a few other ideas and examples! 

Trish Feehan

Thanks for the swift reply, Ashley. Makes sense!

The ultimate goal is to create a facilitator guide in our LMS for our trainers, based on PPT slides and text in Notes. We'd show each slide, followed by instructions for the facilitator/trainer on what to do in the classroom (captured in Notes). There could be hundreds of slides, so I'm looking for maximum streamlining!

The guide would go something like this for each slide:




* Before we get into the day, let's start with a trust-build activity

* Pair up or work together in threes

* Let's take five minutes

Facilitator Note
Allow five minutes. Circle the room as participants talk.


* How did that feel?

Possible responses

* It built a connection

* I was surprised that we had so much in common


* It doesn't take long to build a connection and build trust

* Trust is the essential foundation before we can collaborate effectively

Hope this gives better context, but do feel free to be in touch anytime. I very much appreciate your suggestions!




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trish,

Uh oh! Did you mean to include images here for us? Those won't come through when you respond via email (but your email signature does! You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.)

Are you hoping to make this in Rise so that your facilitators can access on their mobile devices while presenting? I can't think of a seamless way to add all that content into Rise, but maybe there is an intern available whose great at uploading photos and copy/paste? 😉 You could upload a screen of each slide using any of the image blocks, and then use the text blocks or list options below that to include your facilitator guidelines. 

If the images you're looking to share paint a better picture, please share those for folks in the community! There are lots of creative individuals here and I'd love to see what they share too! 

Trish Feehan