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Julie Warwick

I so wanted to build a compliance course in Rise, but I can see it won't work. Unlike some of the others on this thread, I need a pre-test, so users can test out of the specific modules they know - and be pointed to the remaining modules they need. I can't see any way to do this in Rise. It is definitely on my wish-list.

Tom Burbidge

Also wanting to add a feature request for a Pre-Test. 

We recently built our mandatory learning in Storyline to do this and we'd love to be able to take advantage of the more modern look and feel of Rise with the same testing functionality.

Sam Rogers post 12 months ago sums up our requirement exactly.

Sonya Wein

This makes me a little sad. Rise would have minimized my development time significantly and elevated our training's design. However, without this pretest feature (allowing the user to test out of the training, marking it as complete) I will unfortunately not be able to use Rise for our annual training. I add my name to the petition.

Robert Gadaleta

There's a solution to this that I just discovered.

Yes, having the ability to implement a Pretest at the beginning of the course to test one's competency and provide the option to receive credit for what they already know is a required feature. At the same time, if the pretest is failed, credit must be received in the LMS when the lessons are completed. As much as I love Rise, this was a major deficiency (being able to track both Quiz Result and Course Completion at the same time). I almost had to ditch Rise...but!....I'll be sharing the easy post-publish steps soon. I first need to document them clearly and share them with my team.


Robert Gadaleta

Ok, so if your Rise project (SCO) design looks something like this...

-Pretest (Quiz)



...and you want to track SCORM completion with successful attempt at the pretest - OR - completion of the lesson(s) if the pretest is failed, follow these SIMPLE steps:

1. Publish your project using SCORM 1.2 (havent tested 2004) Track Using Quiz Result, and the Complete/Incomplete reporting type.

2. Unzip your SCORM package and navigate to the "/scormcontent/index.html" file and open it for editing. Open with Notepad in Windows for simplicity.

3. In the index file, search for "var quizID" and then copy the unique ID including the quotes. Example: "pZ_Bl06cx0D_t9hkEZnxaN35KGkgTy7b"

4. Search the index file for function "finish(totalProgress)" and paste the copied quiz ID over the "null". Example: quizId === "pZ_Bl06cx0D_t9hkEZnxaN35KGkgTy7b" &&

5. Rezip your SCORM package and test on your LMS. 

This discovered functionality allows your learner's to "test out" of any SCO for competency-based learning. 

Remember, you can compile multiple Rise projects (SCOs) into a multi-sco package if you are comfortable with the manifest file.

It would be great if this functionality was possible through the Rise frontend configuration. 

Lisa Trn

I agree, this function is much needed at my organization. Not having this pre-test & post-test ability in Rise keeps us from using Rise. I'm looking for the same functionality as Sam mentioned.  

  • 100% on optional pretest = pass & test out of course
  • less than 100% or bypass pretest = course and exam with 80% or better to pass
  • both assessments drawn from the same randomized question bank

Is Articulate currently working on adding this feature?

Carol Dawson

Thanks for your response, Alyssa. Respectfully, I'm disappointed to hear that this isn't on the roadmap. Based on comments I've read, it has been regularly requested for at least a couple years. I'm a new user (less than a year) but it seems that many of us, your customers, would appreciate the ability to have multiple ways to complete a course (e.g. pretest or course content). What steps can we as your community take to make it a priority to get it added to the roadmap? Thanks in advance.


Carrie Martin

Robert, I was thrilled when I saw your work around. I just gave it a try. The problem is, even on successful completion of the pretest, the continue button appears following the quiz results, so it is not immediately apparent the learner can bypass the content if they choose. How have you addressed this?