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Beth Eberhardt

Also adding a current note to this list.  Could you give an update on this request?  Pretesting is is necessary as we are launching new content and requiring all to take regardless of past expertise. By allowing a pre-test option, participants can prove their knowledge and we don't have to subject them (in their mind, waste their time) to take all the content that they may already know!!

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Beth!

Since only one quiz can be used for tracking in Rise 360, I suggest starting the course with the quiz. If the learner doesn't pass, they can be directed to view the remainder of the content. Then, add a button at the end of the last lesson that will bring them back to the quiz at the beginning of the course to retake it.

Check out this example for inspiration: Using a Pre-Test to Guide Learning

Ed Rand


Agree with Sam Rogers comments of a year ago , especially for mandatory learning modules repeated every year ..do we really need learners to do the "click through shuffle" ignoring content and debasing the benefit of eLearning by being a tick box exercise. A sweet function would be a pretest which then had the ability to display only the modules that the user didn't have a clear enough understanding of (based on right or wrong answers)..any news on this function becoming a reality ?

Nate Marshall

this is a non solution to the problem. there is nothing in Rise that allows them as the learner to know that they have earned a completion on passing the course. You could put wording there but it wont be as effective as a simple branch. if they pass they are sent to a completion message if they fail then they progress through the course. 

currently the learner is passed on to the next module without any way or "directing traffic" 

I understand we could add in Storyline elements to solve this but it isn't a reliable or good solution as many of us use rise because of the dynamic features and I simply would like my courses to be consistent. 

Karl Muller

If you are using a LMS, check if it has a pre-test function.

In our LMS we can set up a larger course that consists of a pre-test and a Rise course. The pre-test is created within the LMS itself. If the pre-test is passed, the larger course is marked as completed and students do not have to take the associated Rise course.

Nate Marshall

I understand that. In our LMS I have functionality that we currently use to build a program with a pre test that leads to a course or skips and then a post test but it would be nice to have the functionality in the course (when were just looking for competence and not comparing data) that way it's all a course and not a program. As tilly as it sounds users get intimidated when they are assigned a program rather than a course.

I know I can just use storyline but my users really prefer Rise.

Mark Schneider

Hi Karl,  Our LMS has that function as well.  It is just you can build in that functionality with other eLearning solutions.  After all the time that has elapsed, I'm guessing Articulate is either not able to or does not wish to develop a pretest.  That, in itself, was a deal breaker for me.

Andrew Sellon

I'm adding my voice to the long list of those requesting pre-test functionality. I have a client with a lot of compliance courses that all staff are required to complete annually. Currently, their old versions are built in Storyline, where they can offer the pre-test, and if they pass, they skip directly to the certificate page at the end. If they do not, they are required to take the full course before taking another version of the test at the end (question banks) and earning the certificate.

One way or another, we really need Rise to be able to offer this kind of basic branching for compliance course purposes. It would be great to hear that Articulate is working on addressing this fundamental gap in Rise's capabilities. This client wants to build their own content, and wants to use Rise for its simplicity, but this inability to offer the pre-test is a deal breaker for them. Thanks.

Mark Schneider

The original posting was FOUR years ago, my request was ten months ago, and yet Articulate still states this is not on their road map.  They need someone else in charge of product development, as they are not listening to the current and prospective future customers.  PLEASE INCORPORATE PRETESTS INTO RISE. PLEASE MAKE THIS A PRIORITY.  FOUR YEARS IS WAY TOO LONG AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Either state outright you will not do this, or make it happen. Thank you.

Christa Huntley

It has been 4 years and it doesn't seem this feature has been added yet. This would be extremely helpful for a course I am building now. If students pass the pretest they complete the course and move to the final page to complete the course survey. If they don't pass, they have to move through the course as normal. Is this on the list to build in Rise? Did anyone else find a simple solution for this?