Problem with audio player on Rise 360 - Delayed audio playback and/or player freezes on page load.

Hello. I am reaching out to ask if anyone has experienced recent delayed audio playback and/or freezes, on page load, while viewing Rise courses on a chrome browser served up via Saba Cloud (specs at bottom). I apologize in advance for the long post, I'd like to share some specifics.

Before I get started, yes, I have been able to replicate this issue on SCORM Cloud and while using Chrome in Incognito mode. Having said that, since this is an intermittent issue, I need to spend a good deal of time attempting to replicate the problem before I experience it again. 

I find the issue is not specific to any one audio file. I have not identified any pattern either, (e.g. audio file type or file size). More often than not, the issue arises when Chrome opens more than 8 tabs running in the background to process course data, and/or under heavy load on a users internet connection. 

Specifically, when viewing the course using Chrome, on certain screens, the audio does not play upon clicking the play icon, also the countdown timer does not display. On other screens, the audio lags (seconds) before initializing the player (the audio then starts automatically, based on previous click on the play icon).

On those screens where the audio does not play, upon browser refresh, the "waiting for available socket" error shows. When this error shows, the course hangs and does not resume. I need close the browser (which also clears the cache) and restart the course from Saba to resume.

I have attached two images: 1) chrome-capture.png and 2) firefox-capture.png. The chrome capture shows both the audio playback (and image not displaying issues). The firefox capture shows what the screen should look like on playback. 

Chrome screen captureFirefox Screen Capture 

Platform Details:

The problems appear when running the latest Chrome browser (Version 85.0.4183.102) on a recent Dell i5, 64 bit, Win 10 machine. The course hosted and served up via Saba Cloud (Version The course is playing as expected using FireFox 80.0.1 on the same platform as above.

Active Case #02436130

Thanks in advance for your help!



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