Problem with Font size changing in Rise Quiz

Hi there,

Hope all is good with peeps out there?!

I need some help/advise or pointing in the right direction please, as I can't seem to find what i'm looking for in the discussions I've seen so far.

...okay, so it all began on a sunny morning here in Buckinghamshire :) manager reviews the first draft of my brand new Rise module ... (so excited to be using Rise to build "The Big One"). Anyway, she kindly lets me know that the text font size in my quiz answers are all different ?!?  Now I remember double checking ALL of them, I was hungry at the time so it felt like hours ...about 10mins to be honest ;)  And I took a look first thing on my PC they are fine.... but on my iPhone .... behold, they are all different!

I've gone in and redone them all (felt like about 10mins, not hungry at the mo)... anyways... I've redone them and republished to review and the same thing occurs, fine on pc, not fine on iPhone. Totally different ones are now different sizes.. it's weird.

Any help would be superb... Please! :-D

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