Problem with polish letters

Jul 25, 2020

from the beginning of Rise I have a problem with specific letters from polish language like: ę, ó, ą, ś, ł, ż, ź, ć, ń. They look just diffrent. Especially when I use blocks like "Statement B" where text is bigger and thinner.
I know I can upload my own "latin" font and those letters are ok then, but when I do that I lose thinness used in blocks like "Statement B". Probably because I can upload only 3 styles: regular, bold and italic. There is no "thin" option available.
It's very big issue for me.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Maciej!

It sounds like you've already followed this process for uploading a custom font set: How to Get Non-Latin Characters to Display Properly. That's the best way to ensure your Polish text appears correct everywhere in your course.

I'll let our team know you want more font styles added, such as "thin." Thanks for the idea!

Dre van Melis

Hello Support,

I can't get a readable font in my Polish Storyline course. See the screenshot.

Also, I work with Arial, but when I publish a course, I get a Times new Roman font with irregular letter spacing. This happens on my laptop and on the computer of some of my colleagues, but others don't have a display problem and get the Arial.


Renz Sevilla

Hi Dre,

Using the files you provided, the characters showed up fine on SCORM Cloud when testing. Please see attached files

Since the font and letters appear fine on our end, I can suggest following the steps in this article: Learners See the Wrong Fonts or Missing Letters in HTML5 Courses.

If you still have trouble after following those steps, please open up a case with us so we can investigate further.