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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anna-Marie, 

Rise courses aren't supported in Articulate Online.

However, if you have an AICC-, SCORM-, or Tin Can API-compliant LMS, you can track Rise courses in your LMS. Open your Rise course for editing, click Export in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose an LMS specification. Some more details can be found here.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Brent. We are always happy to hear and discuss new ideas or feature requests! Our team monitors the E-Learning Heroes community to combine that with anything submitted using the form here! All that is collected, tracked and evaluated based on some pretty simple criteria outlined here. 

We may not implement every feature we hear about, but we're working every day to make a product you love. So the more you share your ideas, needs, feedback, and how this would help course development - the better! 

shane oconnor

Hi Articulate it looks like you are dodging the question and the issue. 

Please be open and honest if you are not going to support this function moving forward rather than a generic We look into all issues and requests email to the group, 

This will allow us to look into using Rise with other LMS options rather than waiting for something that will not arrive. 

Natalie Bowman

Hi Articulate, that's a real problem for us. We have just authored a course in Rise only to find this out when trying to upload it. It would have saved us a lot of work if this had been specifically stated both on Articulate On-line and in Rise. Now we will need to re-author this course in Storyline 360. :(