Published Storyline Block Not Updating in Rise

Oct 17, 2018


I modified a Storyline module (removed all of the audio) and republished it to Articulate 360 using the same name.

In Rise, I deleted the existing video and chose the new version. However, when the video plays, it is still the old version with sound.

I had to republish the Storeyline video with a new name to get this to work properly. 

Just wondering why that happened. :-) Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karin!

Thanks so much for reaching out. You should be able to "publish a new version of an existing item" using the same name.

When you replace the Storyline Block in Rise, it takes a few moments for Articulate 360 to update the content to the new version. I'm wondering if you tried inserting the new Storyline Block before it was updated.

Check out this 2-minute Peek video to see this process in action. I hope that's helpful!