Publishing and Tracking Course in LMS - How can I see what this looks like for end user?

First time Rise user here.  Three questions....

  1. I've created a Post-Course assignment in our LMS.  I'm using RISE to package and chunk out four different assignments to complete after class.  I'd like to see what the user will see in the LMS as they progress through the post-course assignments.  Anyone know what this looks like or know of helpful videos/ resources that show me how the learner's progress is tracked in an LMS?  
  2. Do you have to export the course to get it into an LMS or could you simply click "share", copy the link, and then add that link to course/assignment in the LMS?
  3. If I update the RISE course after I've shared the link with someone, do I need to send them a new link to access the changes?  And if I make changes to content in RISE to a course that's been exported into an LMS, do I need to re-export and replace the older version with new?  


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Justin Grenier

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Britney.  Great questions!

  1. Although completion reporting looks a bit different in each LMS, Rise will report completion to your LMS based on the tracking options you choose at export:

    Tracking Options
  2. Rise can only communicate completion and quiz information to your LMS if you export the course.  The Share feature is designed for light sharing.
  3. A shared Rise link will always retain your latest course updates.  On the flipside, if you make changes to a course that you've exported for LMS, you'll want to re-export that course.

Good luck with your project, and please let us know if you have other questions!

Britney Osbern

Thanks for the quick response, Justin!  

Could you elaborate more regarding "light sharing"?

 I have a social learning hub that allows for blog posts, polling, discussion threads - it's like a facebook group.  I was thinking of posting the link to the group for everyone to access prior to the class to complete their pre-work.  The pre-work houses foundational content that the learners should access after the course as they continue to apply what they learned.  Was thinking I could buy more time in my development timeline if I could post a link in the LMS vs. exporting. 


Justin Grenier

Hi again, Britney!

You could use the share link as a short-term solution, but if you don't need completion tracking, you might find that it's just as quick and easy to export Rise content for your own Web Server, then link to the course from your LMS.  Here's a 2-minute Peek at how to do that.

Rise is your tool for effortlessly building responsive e-learning, and your LMS or Web Server are the perfect place to host Rise content when it's done!